HBA Extreme Electrolytes

Racing in harsh climatic conditions requires electrolytes formulated specifically to meet the extreme physical demands on the horses. HBA Extreme Electrolytes were formulated after extensive testing and blood analysis in harsh racing conditions.

Active Guaranteed minimum analysis per 25g
Calcium 1 041.125mg
Sodium 3 422.50mg
Potassium 4 589mg
Magnesium 222mg
Iron 34.5mg
Zinc 3.5mg
Copper 1.25mg
Manganese 3.25mg
Cobalt 0.125mg
Chromium 0.4375mg

Dosage: 50 g in water before, during and after the race as needed.

In general horses will not drink electrolytes in water and they do not drink a lot during a race therefore it is necessary to add the electrolyte to their feed or better still give it to the horse in yoghurt, honey apple sauce etc. before during and after the event..