HBA Healthy Gut

Feeding HBA Healthy Gut regularly will reduce the levels of sand and prevent further build up.

When horses graze they ingest sand.

On average a horse can accumulate over a period of time between 10 to 15 kgs of sand in its stomach. HBA Healthy gut assists with the alleviation of sand build up which is a huge handicap in a competitive events.

HBA Healthy Gut was formulated specifically for horses in the desert; due to the amount of sand ingested in the desert on a daily basis, a daily dose of Healthy Gut is effective in the long term. For horses in SA however, after anĀ initial cleansing period, one week per month should suffice.

Active Guaranteed minimum analysis per 50g
Kaolin 2 695mg
Ispagula Husks 1 650mg
Prebiotics 650mg
Flavour 5mg