HBA Total Requirement

HBA Total Requirement is an all round product for all horses.

Total Requirement is the product of years of research into the dietary supplemental needs of performance horses. It is a most comprehensive all-round product containing over 40 Amino Acids, Vitamins, Biotin, trace elements, MSM and Oligosaccharides in ideally balanced ratios. HBA Total Requirement may be used during breeding, gestation and lactation and also on weanlings and yearlings. It is recommended for all horses.

Guaranteed Analysis per kg

Active Guaranteed minimum analysis per 30g
Beta Carotene 0.273mg
Biotin 2.73mg
Ca Pantothenate 6.69mg
Calcium 324mg
Choline Bitartrate 40% 299.58mg
Cobalt 0.333mg
Copper 16.74mg
Cystine 129mg
Folic Acid 2.79mg
Glycine 138mg
Inositol 1.98mg
Iodine 0.303mg
Isoleucine 384mg
Leucine 753mg
L-Tryptophane 147mg
Lysine 750mg
Magnesium 354mg
Manan Oligosaccharides 600mg
Manganese 6.69mg
Methionine 120mg
MSM 50.1mg
Niacin 16.74mg
Proline 405mg
Selenium 2.7mg
Vitamin A 600iu
Vitamin B1 6.84mg
Vitamin B12 70.35mg

Dosage: 30 g per day

Foals & Weanlings 15 g per day