• HBA Muscle Massage Gel

    A unique gel formulated with natural plant extracts known to provide rapid relief for muscles after strenuous exercise. HBA Muscle Gel contains only natural plant extracts and no chemical...

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  • HBA Leg Tight Clay Poultice

    Post exercise herbal clay poultice HBA Leg Tight – Clay Poultice is a clay type poultice that contains plant extracts known to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation. It may be used...

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  • HBA Hoof Treatment

    A blend of the finest oil and hoof protectants. Massaged into the coronary band it will also stimulate hoof growth....

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  • HBA Quality Hoof

    HBA Quality Hoof is a complete hoof growth promoter containing biotin, MSM and the right balance of vitamins and trace elements to stimulate growth and improve the quality of the hoof. For all...

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  • HBA Train Calm Mood Food

    HBA Train Calm is an all purpose calmer formulated to alleviate stress symptoms that may be due to dietary deficiencies. Magnesium is involved in the metabolism of Tryptophan that in turn is...

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  • HBA Healthy Gut

    Feeding HBA Healthy Gut regularly will reduce the levels of sand and prevent further build up. When horses graze they ingest sand. On average a horse can accumulate over a period of time between 10...

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  • HBA Total Requirement

    HBA Total Requirement is an all round product for all horses. Total Requirement is the product of years of research into the dietary supplemental needs of performance horses. It is a most...

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  • HBA More than E

    HBA More than E is a powerful anti oxidant for horses in training. This Vitamin C, E and Selenium supplement was formulated after extensive testing in harsh racing conditions. The Selenium is in an...

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  • HBA Muscle Maximiser Muscle Food

    ONLY for horses in training. Muscle Maximiser is formulated to maintain tone and reduce muscle loss during strenuous work and to lessen the possibility of Azoturia. The combination of Selenium,...

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  • HBA Recovery

    HBA Recovery is formulated as a post race supplement to assist in reducing accumulated toxins resulting from high metabolic activity during intense training, tying up or after medication. In racing...

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  • HBA Extreme Electrolytes

    Racing in harsh climatic conditions requires electrolytes formulated specifically to meet the extreme physical demands on the horses. HBA Extreme Electrolytes were formulated after extensive...

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  • HBA Free Mover Joint Food

    Joint damage is one of the most frequently occurring injuries in horses. This supplement relieves inflammation and provides all the nutrition required for healthy joint function in the athletic and...

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